October 2023

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SGV Conversations: Martin Antonio Zamora

16 October 2023

SGV is pleased to bring you SGV Conversations, our publication that allows us to engage with leaders, thinkers and doers around the world on a multitude of topics. In this edition, SGV Conversations features the insights of Martin Antonio “Dennis” G. Zamora, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC). We listen to him talk about a wide range of topics, including his professional journey, NAC’s sustainability practices, and his perspectives on the mining industry.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability Reporting Developments October 2023

01 October 2023

SGV is pleased to share the latest Sustainable Reporting Developments, our monthly update on regulatory and policy developments shaping the way companies communicate with stakeholders. In a move that could have considerable implications both in the US and globally, California became the first US state to mandate climate disclosures.

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