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To grow and create value, your company must have the trust of its customers, lenders, and investors.

The integrity of your company’s financial information and the reliability and security of your technology are critical components in garnering this trust and gaining access to global capital markets. Whether you are managing issues associated with globalization, addressing technology vulnerabilities in the connected economy, or looking to assure the fairness of your financial information — SGV & Co. can help.

We have invested substantially in innovating and digitalizing our global risk-based methodology and the related technology-based knowledge and enablers. Our auditors are trained on our digital audit methodology, data analytics and documentation tools.

The methodology is supplemented by comprehensive standards and quality controls that are applicable to every client engagement.


Audit, Review, and Related Services
External Audit Service
We provide independent assurance on financial and non financial information to meet regulatory and other stakeholder requirements utilizing world-class business process-based methodologies and supporting tools. Our Global Audit Methodology and Documentation Approach is a risk-based approach that focuses on the drivers of the business, the associated risks, and the potential effects on financial statements accounts, and delivers a consistent, high-quality audit anywhere in the world.
Review Services
We provide review services by performing inquiry and analytical procedures that provide the company with a reasonable basis for expressing limited assurance that there are no material modifications that should be made to the statements in order for them to be in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles or, if applicable, with another comprehensive basis of accounting. This service generally includes limited review of interim financial statements.
Security offerings
We provide assurance services with respect to equity or debt securities offerings by audit clients, including prospectus review, consent to include our report in connection with our audit or review of financial statements, proforma financial information, and issuance of comfort letter.
Agreed-upon procedures
We perform agreed-upon procedures, in accordance with relevant professional standards, applied to financial or nonfinancial data to which the accountant and the client and any appropriate third parties have agreed, and to report on factual findings. These agreed-upon procedures reports include: confirmation of customer balances included in a listing of accounts receivable and reporting on the findings; attendance at a physical inventory count and performance of test counts and reporting on the findings; and recalculation of debt covenants and reporting on the findings.
Extended audit services
We provide customized assurance services beyond the traditional external audit scope, such as services on branch project audit, audit of specific account, and fixed asset count.
Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS)

FAAS enables Chief Financial Officers, Controllers, Treasurers and Audit Committees to protect and transform their organizations by providing:

  • Insights and services to support compliance with evolving financial requirements
  • Trust and transparency in reporting to allow better decision-making
  • Robust financial data analytics to support finance functions

We offer a wide range of services that help businesses keep up with evolving market conditions, increase transparency and comply with new regulatory requirements. Our commitment to deliver innovative solutions and comprehensive support inspires confidence when addressing various reporting challenges caused by regulatory changes and economic instability.

Finance support services
Corporate treasury and commodities
We help companies shift toward centralization of the treasury management function. We provide broad services for a variety of finance functions, such as treasury, hedging, risk management, derivatives and commodity trading.
Consolidation and reporting
We provide assistance on every aspect of the consolidation and reporting process, helping businesses to achieve faster, higher quality reporting, control risks, and develop their financial acumen. Clients achieve this by standardizing internal controls, reducing dependency on individual employees, reorganizing processes and implementing tools for a fast close process.
Remediation services
Restoring confidence in financial reporting can rebuild market confidence, mitigate the risk of future occurrences and signal to investors, regulators and stakeholders that the company is heading in the right direction. Remediation services is about alleviating financial reporting risk areas, identifying root causes, and implementing corrective actions to reveal and preempt possible pitfalls. With our knowledge of accounting and reporting, process standardizing and leading services, our remediation teams can help find ways to reduce deficiencies that might affect the timely production and the quality of financial reports.
Corporate governance and regulation
Governance processes in a company are triggered by globalization, expanding risk factors, developing technologies and society’s expectations. We can help companies by providing up-to-date knowledge of corporate governance trends and approaches for effective oversight and management.
Training services
We provide a range of business-specific training services for companies, delivering technical knowledge and a global perspective. We are constantly updating our training curriculum to reflect changing guidelines and emerging trends.
Systems, process and analytics
Analytics and data intelligence
FAAS analytics is the collection, combination and exploration of financial data to help organizations create insights that support their decision-making processes. This may allow them to improve accounting data integrity and quality, helping them produce more reliable reports and insights within the accounting, finance, governance and regulatory space. Our team supports clients by applying advanced analytics within an organization’s finance and accounting activities. We help identify business insights and hidden patterns in financial data so clients can benefit from a more agile and accurate decision-making process, with greater confidence and transparency in financial reporting. Analytics services can also be applied to financial instruments and corporate treasury, financial processes, audit support and sustainability.
Advanced processes
We support companies in the design and implementation of automated internal control systems, including internal control workflow, which establishes continuous process assurance while increasing efficiency.
Accounting and reporting
Accounting advice
We provide organizations with support when entering into contracts, combining deep commercial and accounting insights, helping management make the most appropriate commercial and accounting decisions.
Accounting change
We help address your complex technical accounting questions. We can help your company navigate large-scale financial reporting changes, from moving to a new accounting framework (e.g., due to regulatory change or as crossborder transaction) to adopting a new accounting policy (e.g., revenue recognition, financial instruments, leasing or insurance contracts).
Government and regulatory accounting
We cover all aspects of accounting and financial reporting exclusively for the government and public sector, including International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS). This includes the transition from cash accounting to accruals accounting or reporting under an internationally recognized set of accounting standards.
Management accounting
We help companies align their internal reporting with their accounting policies. It may include management reporting or reporting on individual long-term contracts covering both financial and nonfinancial data.
Accounting policies and procedures
Accounting policies are the cornerstone of an organization’s financial control environment, bridging the gap between technical accounting literature and business practice. This includes a quick assessment and analysis of existing policies, assistance in creating a completely new and customized accounting manual, and deployment and training support for the team.
Transaction accounting
We help companies enhance value by supporting management as they execute transformational events, such as an acquisition or divestiture, to inspire stakeholder confidence and reflect well on the business, its brand, management and directors. Transaction accounting services comprise of financial reporting and accounting assistance, including white papers, analyses and models related to significant capital events, such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), joint ventures, divestitures, and sales of stock and debt. Support can be provided during due diligence by identifying accounting and financial reporting policies and issues that should be investigated during diligence; it could also include helping management develop content for white papers and assess the accounting implications of alternative considerations. Other areas where companies may need help are in the complex issues surrounding purchase price allocation accounting, as well as legal entity and group reconstruction, financial reporting process improvement, accounting policy manual alignment, GAAP conversions and disclosure effectiveness.
Managed services
Managed services are structured as a strategic long-term arrangement to provide a select set of value-added services addressing the client’s most challenging requirements. The services are output-based and give companies access to SGV teams, industrialized processes and technology on a longerterm and non-project basis. We help clients plan the appropriate use of managed services for increased efficiency and continuous improvement. Certain FAAS services could be offered as managed services with a longerterm, multi-client and non-projectbased delivery. Managed services are broadly categorized under the following three clusters: Reporting, Transaction accounting, and Finance of the future.
Forensic & Integrity Services
We understand how organizations navigate complex environments; how pressures, attitudes and culture influence employee actions; and how to leverage data analytics to improve compliance and investigation outcomes. We are committed to making integrity the cornerstone of a better working world.
Investigation and compliance
Experienced in forensic accounting, technology systems, and risk management, we investigate areas where clients suspect there is a problem. We also help clients manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct, measure the financial implications when issues arise, and provide support when necessary.
Transaction forensics
Our Forensic Diligence professionals assist organizations and legal counsel in identifying and mitigating financial, operational and reputational risks inherent to mergers and acquisition transactions. We provide due diligence services primarily related to anti-corruption, FCPA due diligence and investigate potential issues with cross-border transactions.
Claims & disputes
We help companies and their legal counsel to prepare the calculations, analyses and strategies required for complex commercial disputes. Ultimately, we help safeguard the value of an organization’s business and help generate legitimate gain from their contracts and transactions.
Forensic data analytics
We work in engagement teams to carry out both reactive and proactive forensic analysis on large amounts of data that involve data linking, statistics and predictive modeling. Our engagement activities include business understanding, data collection and import, quality review, and data visualization and reporting.
Privacy & cyber response
We perform computer forensic analysis using the latest technology to assist investigations and discover electronic evidence. This includes data acquisition and validation, processing of data, and forensic analysis and reporting.
Our Discovery, information governance and forensic professionals can help answer the “who, what, where, when and how” questions that help organizations meet their discovery and compliance needs.
Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS)
We help clients identify, manage, and deliver strategies that address nonfinancial matters such as environmental and social risks. We assist our clients in building their resilience to navigate their changing business environment in the long-term.
Sustainability advisory and supply chain
We help organizations understand their emerging sustainability, supply chain or environment, social and governance (ESG) risks (e.g., human rights, modern slavery, resource constraints, climate change, conflict minerals), build resilience and strengthen their ‘social license to grow’ so that they can survive and grow in an increasingly competitive and accountable operating environment. This includes stakeholder engagement, prioritization, analysis; materiality assessments and benchmarking; advice on sustainability risks in the value chain; supply chain sustainability management; assisting in identifying human rights risks in the supply chain and advising on risk management and reporting; training, development and capacity building; policy development and research; and portfolio sustainability risk assessment.
Nonfinancial reporting advisory and assurance
We help organizations transition to new ways of communicating their sustainability performance and address the demand of other key stakeholders for greater and more meaningful assurance over nonfinancial disclosures. This includes development of sustainability, integrated annual reports and other communications; collection and collation of nonfinancial data; report benchmarking; integrated reporting advice and development; assurance over nonfinancial disclosures; reported metrics, principles and information; internal, management and board communications; and product claims.
Outcomes measurement
We help companies understand and evaluate the broader value impacts and outcomes associated with their operations, programs and projects. These include developing an outcomes measurement framework; impact analysis including aid and social return; strategies and programs to meet social and natural capital impact objectives and shared value; community investment, aid and partnership strategies; natural capital assessments and valuations; and building internal capacity to measure and report impact.
Climate change
In today’s environment, businesses can no longer ignore the physical and regulatory impacts of climate change on their operations. We help organizations maximize opportunities by efficiently meeting compliance requirements, managing risks and thinking strategically. This includes green bond advisory and assurance; greenhouse and energy audit; energy management, modelling and audits; energy monitoring; carbon target development; marginal abatement cost curves; assessing the life cycle of products and services; climate risk and vulnerability assessments; climate change adaptation strategies and processes; and policy and program evaluations.
Environment, health and safety
We assist organizations so that they can make strategic and operational decisions that drive the effective management of environment, health and safety, with an aim to prevent incidents, or in the worst of outcomes – a workplace fatality or environmental catastrophe. This includes statutory, compliance and internal HSE audits; EHS due diligence; gap analysis against legislation or internal policy; developing, implementing and reviewing HSE Management Systems and assurance frameworks; safety culture and behavioral maturity assessment; mental health assessment and framework implementation; and resource efficiency, waste and packaging advice.
Financial services organization

Financial Services Organization

FSO works with clients in the banking, capital markets, insurance, wealth and asset management sectors. As today’s financial services market is global, constantly changing and highly regulated, we offer a dynamic approach to help manage uncertainties and the opportunities these present. The SGV / EY-Philippines office is one of the key FSO locations in the Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific FSO operates across four markets: ASEAN, Greater China, Korea, and Oceania and four Service Lines: Consulting, Assurance, Tax, and Strategy and Transactions. Our strong global teams, local capabilities and seamless collaboration bring innovative problem-solving, breakthrough performance gains and sustainable value creation to our clients and stakeholders.

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