In Consulting, we are building a better working world by realizing businesses transformation through the power of people, technology and innovation.

The SGV Advantage
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SGV Consulting is a diverse team with a transformative mindset and collaborative culture. Our ambition is to become the world’s leading transformation consultants, trusted to help our clients generate long-term value. To support this goal, we have recently changed our name from Advisory to Consulting. 

We believe that the key to successful transformation is a renewed focus on humans, technology and innovation so we are building world-class capabilities in business, technology and people consulting. We have also developed a new approach focused on solving key client issues, nurturing deeper relationships and making a greater impact.

Transformation Realized — reframing the future with three new value drivers

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the pace of global change ⁠and intensified the pressure on businesses to respond to the latest disruptions. Companies must now change the way they transform because the world after the pandemic requires accelerated organizational change, continuous business reinvention and innovation. Businesses must seize opportunities to break boundaries, achieve sustainable growth, and consider practices that encompass customers, employees, society and finance.  

Becoming the transformation leader requires us to have a distinctive and compelling point of view from which clients perceive value and differentiation. Transformation Realized is our new our go-to-market narrative and is crucial to how we’ll create differentiation in the market.

Through Transformation Realized, we’ll help businesses apply that same transformative mindset and consider: 

  • Placing humans@center of their organization to focus on how their “human communities” – whether customers, stakeholders or employees – experience their organization.
  •  Leveraging technology@speed and assess how they can embrace new technologies to redefine and reinvent key processes, services, products or even their entire business. This has the potential to generate value, while maximizing the “human” experience. 
  •  Enabling innovation@scale and consider how they can build a culture of innovation within their organization to equip themselves for continuous change, to think differently about how they do what they do and to identify how they can reshape it for the future. 

Through this approach, businesses can drive value within their organizations and position themselves for exponential growth, reframing their future and thriving in a market of accelerating and complex change.


Our Structure

We have transformed our structure around these value drivers and reorganized into three subservice lines to ensure we’re set up for success and well-positioned to attract, retain and develop transformation professionals with world-class capabilities.

Business Consulting

We help our clients transform their businesses through the power of exceptional business insights, talent and experiences.

Technology Consulting

We help our clients leverage on the power of technology, data and ecosystems to transform their businesses and operating models and respond to competitive threats.

People Advisory Consulting (PAS)

We help our clients identify and solve their strategic workforce imperatives to maximize business performance and unlock human potential by enriching and connecting individuals, teams and organizations.

Our Fields of Play

As part of our structure transformation, we have also reorganized our solutions into eight Fields of Play. These Fields of Play are aimed on transforming organizations by taking a connected view of different client sectors and the broader business landscape to create long-term value. 


Business Transformation & Innovation

Business Transformation & Innovation is a multidisciplinary competency, gathering capabilities in transformation architecture, experience design, business design and transformation execution problem-solve, design and deliver large scale, multi-year, multi-stakeholder transformation programs.

We design and deliver on end-to-end transformation, utilizing immersive approaches in line with our Transformation Realized approach. This encompasses a set of capabilities to achieve transformations and drive new growth with greater speed and scale, and enables companies to achieve transformative performance.


  • Transformation Architecture Innovation
  • Experience & Design
  • Transformation Program Delivery
  • Rapid Profit Transformation
Finance, Operations and Business Services (O&BS)

As the CFO and Finance Agenda evolve, the finance function must transform to the Value-Add Finance Function of the future that is adaptable, insightful and efficient. We help the CEOs, CFOs and Finance directors reframe the future of the finance function by rethinking their operating models, streamlining finance & accounting operations and supporting digital transformation.

We also help Global Business Services (GBS) leadership (be it global, regional or local) set up, expand and streamline effective Shared Service Center operations.

We can help transform company operations to embrace adaptive, integrated and touchless end-to-end (E2E) processing and help clients implement GBS — a true digital and virtually enabled transformation engine — to adopt emerging technology or to leverage on advanced data analytics for better decision-making.


  • Finance Transformation
  • Agile Business Finance
  • Finance/Business Process Improvement
  • Finance Business Partnering (Fast Close, FP&A, Management Reporting)
  • Digital Finance
  • Finance Data Analytics
  • Intelligent Automation (Robotic Process Automation)
  • Cost Reduction & Management
  • IFRS conversion and implementation
  • M&A Financial Operations support
  • Managed Services (Finance & Accounting, Actuarial, Treasury)
  • Global Business Services (GBS/SSC) Transformation

The EY O & BS Field of Play includes:

  • Full transformation life cycle capabilities and a consistent approach for strategy, design, migration, implementation and continuous improvement
  • Full breadth of competencies on:
  • Operating model design
  • E2E processes and functions (e.g., P2P, O2C, H2R and finance, HR, procurement, legal and many other industry-specific operations fields)
  • Transformation enablement (e.g., business case, change and program management, tax)
  • Innovation and operations automation layer through the latest enabling technology (e.g., AI, analytics) • Accelerators (e.g., virtual transition approach)

We help clients transform their governance, risk and compliance functions to achieve outcomes of the business. We assist clients in their trust journeys: Customer, Organization, Investor, Third Party and Regulatory. We provide solutions on areas covering enterprise risk, enterprise resilience, compliance, internal audit and controls. We guide clients towards embracing disruption, embedding risk optimization mindset and differentiating themselves through trust. We provide clients with solutions that embed risk into their core business and infuse technology, innovation and human centricity.


  • Investor Trust: Enterprise Risk Management
  • Organization Trust: Internal Audit, Risk Management Convergence & Transformation, Program Risk Management
  • Regulatory Trust: Compliance; SOX/ICFR Compliance and Design
  • Third Party Trust: Third Party Risk Management
  • Customer Trust: Conduct Risk
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF)/Counter Proliferation Financing (CPF)
Technology Transformation and Trusted Intelligence

Technology is the business agenda. Customers’ expectations for access to technology products and services are rapidly increasing. User-centric, mobile, agile and data-driven capabilities are table stakes for every organization. Companies must consider foundational Technology Transformation to adapt and compete.

We help clients transform the IT function and IT-related outcomes in their businesses. This includes technology architectures, infrastructure, operations, modernization to cloud and enterprise resource planning, digital engineering, data and artificial intelligence strategies, and operations.


  • Technology Strategy & NextGen Op Model
  • Enterprise Application Transformation (Intelligence Transformation Platform)
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Trusted Cloud & Legacy Modernization
  • Trusted Data Fabric
  • Trusted Intelligence
  • Digital Engineering (UX/CX)
Customer and Growth

We assist clients in the transformation of their customer-facing commercial functions and outcomes in business. This includes transforming sales, marketing, channels, pricing, digital products/services and experiences.


  • Commercial Transformation
  • Smart Experience
Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Trusted Technology

We are one of the largest and most accomplished Cybersecurity practices in the country. We enable trust in systems, design, operations and data that yields optimal business performance. With the realized confidence, organizations can better manage risk, accelerate transformational change, and enable innovation across the enterprise. We achieve this goal through our abled workforce, core competencies and decades of experience helping our valued clients address unique and complex cybersecurity issues in the business.


  • Cyber Strategy, Risk, Compliance and Resilience
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Next Generation Security Operations and Response
  • Architecture, Engineering & Emerging Technology
  • Identity and Access Management
Supply Chain

We help clients transform their organization, people and HR function to enable successful business strategies and outcomes. This includes organization and workforce transformation, change experience and learning, culture and leadership, HR transformation, systems, rewards and people mobility.

We help clients transform their supply chain functions and outcomes across the business thru the use of EY-developed solution assets and emerging technologies.


  • Supply Chain Visibility, Intelligence & Op Model
  • Planning Transformation
  • Procurement Transformation
  • Manufacturing Transformation
  • Logistics & Fulfilment Transformation
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Lean, Field Force, Engineering and Maintenance Services
  • Asset Management
  • Agile Business Supply Chain/SC Systems
Organization, Workforce, and Culture

We help clients transform their organization, people and HR function to enable successful business strategies and outcomes. This includes organization and workforce transformation, change experience and learning, culture and leadership, HR transformation, systems, rewards and people mobility.


  • Organization & Workforce Transformation
  • Change Experience & Learning
  • Purpose, Culture & Leadership
  • HR Transformation, Systems & Rewards
  • Integrated Mobility
Financial services organization

Financial Services Organization

FSO works with clients in the banking, capital markets, insurance, wealth and asset management sectors. As today’s financial services market is global, constantly changing and highly regulated, we offer a dynamic approach to help manage uncertainties and the opportunities these present. The SGV / EY-Philippines office is one of the key FSO locations in the Asia-Pacific. The Asia-Pacific FSO operates across four markets: ASEAN, Greater China, Korea, and Oceania and four Service Lines: Consulting, Assurance, Tax, and Strategy and Transactions. Our strong global teams, local capabilities and seamless collaboration bring innovative problem-solving, breakthrough performance gains and sustainable value creation to our clients and stakeholders.

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