SGV JAMM 2.0: Are you up for it? 


SGV JAMM 2.0: Are you up for it? 

As part of EY’s #BetterTogether campaign, the SGV Talent Team will be holding the SGV J.A.M.M. 2.0 (Just About Music & More!) contest from 14 August to 23 October. The contest aims to bring the SGV community closer together virtually during these trying times through fun and exciting song, dance and artistic performances, among others. 

Unlike the previous JAMM sessions that featured solo and small group acts, SGV JAMM 2.0 will showcase the talents of more members of each Market Group (MG), including both partners and staff. Each MG and BES must submit a 25-minute video on their interpretation of the theme #BetterTogether.  

Submissions will be accepted at until 12 August. MG representatives will be given access to the link after they advise their respective MG Talent Consultants. One entry will be featured per week at the SGV@Home Facebook group starting 14 August.  

The MG with the best entry will win a prize equivalent to Php 50,000 which will be donated (in cash or in kind) to a charitable institution of their choice. Winners will be announced through email and at the SGV@Home Facebook group during the week of 26-30 October. 

For more information, please refer to announcements from the Talent Team or posts at the SGV@Home Facebook group

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