WPT joins Ayala-FINEX Summit 

WPT joins Ayala-FINEX Summit 

SGV Chairman and Country Managing Partner (CMP) Wilson P. Tan (WPT) was a panelist in the Ayala-FINEX Finance Summit last 9 September. With the theme Reimagining the future. Leading through the unknown, the summit discussed leading practices and business strategies aimed at managing the challenges caused by the pandemic, as well as global megatrends and possible scenarios for businesses in a future beyond the pandemic.  

JAZA presenting at the Ayala-FINEX Summit 

Ayala Corporation (AC) Chairman and CEO Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala (JAZA) shared how AC is reframing the future through innovative and sustainable practices. He emphasized the importance of stakeholder-centric and discovery-driven approaches in optimizing customer reach and experience, designing alternative work arrangements and operating models, and renewing commitment to society. He also presented AC’s digital transformation framework and spoke on the pandemic’s impact on the areas of digital finance, e-commerce and telemedicine, highlighting how it has encouraged them to innovate and redesign their operating models. 

WPT presenting at the Ayala-FINEX Summit 

WPT commended AC’s people-centric business approach and its commitment to its stakeholders. He also commended AC’s inspiring social corporate responsibility initiatives that strengthen meaningful collaboration across organizations.  

Emphasizing the value of digital transformation and innovation strategies, he pointed out that business leaders need to maximize digital platforms to drive long-term value in their organizations, connect with their people, and better serve their clients. WPT shared how SGV has also leveraged on digital platforms to continue delivering exceptional client service during the pandemic.  

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