Talent holds Wellness webinars 

Talent holds Wellness webinars 

Dr. Niño Jose Mateo 

The SGV Talent Team hosted wellness webinars for partners and staff on 13 and 15 May. Led by Dr. Niño Jose Mateo, the webinars aimed to help participants protect their mental health during the pandemic.  

 The webinar for partners titled "What's wrong with NOT being normal?" focused on personal wellbeing and on the partners’ roles as corporate leaders. Drawing on personal reflections and evidence-based knowledge, Dr. Mateo discussed life lessons to help participants navigate an uncertain future more effectively and with greater compassion. 

The webinar for staff titled “The Wellness Playbook: A webinar on the ultimate guide to mental health” began with a discussion on the sources and effects of stress during the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ). Dr. Mateo then presented five principles for mental health care during the pandemic namely: physical health and safety, balance, intentionality, positivity, and meaningful connections. He also emphasized the importance of eating healthy and engaging in fitness activities, among other ways to cope with stress. He also encouraged participants to seek help when they are feeling mentally or emotionally tired.   

Title slides of the presentations at the wellness webinars  

Dr. Mateo is an associate professor of the Counseling department at the De La Salle University, where he also earned his PhD in Counseling Psychology, with high distinction. He is a certified counseling psychologist and a certified Choice Theory or Reality Therapy practitioner. He is a registered and practicing clinical psychologist and a registered guidance counselor.  

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