SGVeans share tax insights in PICPA La Union webinars

SGV Indirect Tax Partner Atty. Stephanie V. Nava and Senior Director Meynard L. Sardalla conducted two tax webinars in cooperation with the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) La Union Chapter. Over 600 attendees from various parts of the Philippines attended the webinars, which aimed to contribute to the participants’ professional development and promote knowledge-sharing in the field of taxation. Among the important tax-related topics covered were Understanding Tax Refund and Its Processes, as well as Understanding Taxation, Compliance, and Returns for Royalties, Interest, and Dividends.



Atty. Steph discusses tax refund processes


Atty. Steph provided a comprehensive overview of the different types of tax refunds, ensuring participants were well-informed about the procedural and substantive requirements for availing themselves of such refunds. She also shared practical tips and remedies on the process.



Meynard during the forum session


Meynard focused on the impact of tax treaties on the taxation of royalties, interest, and dividends in cross-border transactions. He also discussed recent revenue issuances that govern these areas, keeping participants up to date with the latest regulations.


Both speakers actively engaged with the participants during the forum session, addressing their queries and concerns. Atty. Jo Ann Marie O. Casio, Atty. Gracia Mae A. Beronilla, and Atty. Charlene Joy W. Millares from SGV's Indirect Tax team also shared their insights during the tax refund forum.

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