SGVeans Participate in Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) Summit

The PQF describes the levels of educational qualifications and sets the standards for qualification outcomes. It is a quality-assured national system for the development, recognition and award of qualifications based on standards of knowledge, skills and values acquired in different ways and methods by learners and workers of the country (RA 10968 – PQF Act).



SDT and MUS were the emcees and moderators for the PQF summit for Public Practice


The PQF Summit in August and September 2021 was a project of the PICPA National Professional Development Committee chaired by Florenz C. Tugas, with SGV Partners Shane Dave D. Tanguin (SDT) and Maricris U. See (MUS) as co-chairs of the committee.


With the theme “Embracing the Role of PQF in the Accountancy Profession,” the four-day summit, with one day assigned per sector, was designed to deepen the understanding and application of PQF in education practice, commerce and industry practice, government practice, and public practice. At the end of the summit, attendees were expected to identify the levels, domains, and competency areas of each sector and perform self-assessments to determine their current levels vis-a-vis the career progression and specialization program (CPSP) for the accountancy profession.


SGV Tax Partner Maricris U. See and Assurance Partner Shane Dave D. Tanguin (SDT) were the emcees and moderators for the PQF summit for Public Practice. Assurance Partner Meynard Bonoen (MAB), as President of PICPA Western Metro Manila Chapter, also participated in the event. Over 700 CPAs from all over the country attended the summit. 

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