SGV participates in SM Mindanao’s Innovation Day

Consulting Partner Maria Kathrina S. Macaisa-Peña (KSM) and People Advisory Services Executive Directory Lisa Marie Escaler were invited as resource speakers during SM Mindanao’s Innovation Day on 23 September 2021 via Zoom. The conference was attended by around 100 SM executives. 



KSM and Lisa along with SM Mindanao executives


In their presentation entitled, “Growth Mindset for Transformative Times”, they discussed how people are living in a disruptive era marked by dramatic change and disruption by introducing VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity). They stressed that individuals need vision, understanding, clarity, and agility to counter VUCA. They highlighted and compared the concepts of fixed and growth mindset. They also emphasized the importance of mindset in transformative leadership. Towards the end of their presentation, KSM and Lisa entertained questions from the audience.

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