SGV joins The Day We Go Zero event

SGV’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Partner Benjamin N. Villacorte (BNV) participated as a panelist in the Energy Development Corporation’s (EDC) event The Day We Go Zero held last 20 September 2021. 



BNV joins the Day We Go Zero panel


Energy Development Corporation believes that decarbonizing the country is one of the ways in which we can mitigate the effects the climate crisis has on the planet.

In this event, EDC President and COO Richard Tantoco talked about how businesses are going beyond sustainability and how companies like Arthaland, SGV & Co., Silliman University, Knowles Electronics (Philippines) Corp., First Balfour, Drink and Unilever Philippines in the Net-Zero Carbon Alliance are already doing it by working to become carbon neutral as pioneer members of the Net Zero Carbon Alliance that the company has initiated.


BNV highlighted that decarbonizing the business sector depends on companies’ different capabilities to do so. Net Zero Carbon is a journey, and other companies are still in stages of recovery. BNV added that even without incentives, businesses voluntarily report on sustainability initiatives and promote a circular economy, because doing so adds to companies’ long-term value.


Afterwards the guest speakers gave their closing remarks and pledged to decarbonize the business sector through their companies, BNV encouraged organizations to take advantage of sustainable finance, such as issuing green bonds.


Event moderator and host Danie Laurel closed the event with a challenge to the pioneer members of Drink, Arthaland, First Balfour Inc., Unilever, and Knowles Corp. to fulfil their Net Zero Carbon 2030 pledge. Climate Change Commission Vice Chairperson and Executive Director, Emmanuel M. De Guzman, and politician and environmentalist Loren Legarda were also speakers at the event.

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