SGV Sustainability team hosts Sustainabits session spotlighting human rights in social sustainability

SGV Sustainability Services team members hosted a SAVE Council Sustainabits session spotlighting the role of human rights in achieving social sustainability. The session, titled "Empower Every Juan: Exploring Social Sustainability through Human Rights Advocacy," was held in May 2024.



SGV Sustainability and Risk Management team members lead the Sustainabits session on the role of human rights in social sustainability


Sustainability Partner Conrad Allan M. Alviz opened the session. In his welcome remarks, he highlighted the importance of sharing awareness and protecting fellow Filipinos’ human rights.


The succeeding discussions were led by Sustainabits team members Louie Adrienne Cediño, Dubhe Gienah Mayor, and Caryll Joy Franco, along with Artemina Aloria from Risk Management. They provided an overview of the sustainability landscape, emphasizing the social pillar and its intersection with human rights advocacy.


The session underscored the vital role of human rights in fostering a fair and equitable society, addressing the plight of marginalized communities, and calling for collective action. The "Empower Every Juan" session aimed to inspire attendees to actively contribute to a sustainable future that respects and upholds the rights and dignity of every Filipino.


The session concluded with a Declaration of Commitment called “A Plan towards Social Sustainability,” which urged SGVeans to champion social sustainability. It also served as a reaffirmation of SGV’s commitment towards achieving zero waste. 


The SAVE Council’s Sustainabits initiative is a bi-monthly 30-minute session that covers high-level concepts relating to sustainability. 

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