SGV IDT Principal Atty. Alden C. Labaguis talks about ethical leadership and good governance in PUP interview

SGV Indirect Tax (IDT) Principal Atty. Alden C. Labaguis (ACL) talked about ethical leadership and good governance in an interview with Public Administration Major students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) on 8 June 2023.



Alden (center) with PUP student interviewers


Alden shared insights regarding the pivotal role of leadership and good governance in professional responsibilities. According to Alden, good governance encompasses the meticulous management of teams, adherence to ethical standards, and the successful completion of engagements and projects.


Alden also expressed his personal purpose statement, which revolves around practicing kindness, sincerity, pursuing excellence, maintaining integrity, and offering assistance to others. Alden highlighted that these core values will serve as a driving force for people to overcome obstacles and make a positive impact.


To conclude the interview, Alden emphasized that embracing and promoting good governance goes beyond a mere professional obligation; it is a personal commitment. Furthermore, he underscored the importance of surrounding oneself with kind, happy, and competent individuals with integrity who can contribute to a supportive and healthy working environment.


IDT Associate Director Atty. Lauren Antonette M. Mendoza and IDT Senior Associates and Attys. Kierk Robin M. Ret, Andrea Nicole C. Loreno, James E. Gregorio, and Natividad G. Busa helped coordinate the interview. 

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