SGV Consulting team joins PICPA webinar on AI

SGV Consulting Partner Conrad Allan M. Alviz together with Manager Reymark Lazo and Seniors Renz Criste and Karla Espina joined the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) webinar titled “Spotlight on Commerce and Industry – Emergence of AI to Accountancy Profession” organized by the PICPA Quezon Province Chapter via Zoom. Sixty participants from public practice, academe, and commerce and industry sectors attended the webinar.



Conrad’s speaker slide


Conrad shared his insights on how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently shaping the accounting profession across all four accounting sectors – Public Practice, Commerce and Industry, Government, and Education.


He discussed the definition of AI and provided a brief background on its evolution. He also demonstrated basic prompts in using ChatGPT, an AI-enabled tool. He provided sample use cases and relevant news on how AI is being used in each accounting sector. He also further elaborated on the key considerations, advantages, and disadvantages of using AI technology. 


Conrad concluded the discussion by emphasizing that AI is transforming accountants' roles and skills, necessitating upskilling and training. He also suggested that accountants embrace AI, adopt a culture of innovation, and seek continuous improvement. He also highlighted that while AI offers increased efficiency and decision-making, it also presents challenges like upskilling and training, as well as concerns for trust, safety, and privacy.

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