SGV Consulting Director John Panes speaks at Asia Pacific Youth Internet Governance Forum

SGV Consulting Director John Panes was a speaker in the Asia Pacific Youth Internet Governance Forum (yIGF): Meetup with Industry Experts on 10 September 2022. The session focused on Internet Governance ABCs: Algorithm Bias - Big Data - Cyber Crime.



John at the yIGF: Meetup with industry experts


John talked about cybercrime awareness for the youth and the secure use of the internet. During the roundtable discussion, he also provided insights on the importance of cybercrime awareness, the impact of algorithmic bias in everyday life, and the cultivation of digital literacy and digital citizenship.



Part of John’s presentation


Initiated by the NetMission Ambassadors, the annual yIGF aims to raise awareness of internet governance discourse and encourage the young generation to be more actively engaged in policy discussion and the decision-making process. Youth participants are given the opportunity to explore hot topics, such as sustainability through trust and digital inclusion.



John with the participants


For the annual “Meetup with Industry Experts” session, participants were given the opportunity to meet with industry experts from different stakeholder groups, including government, civil society, technical community, academia, etc. This session aims to help participants get a better idea of what and how different stakeholders deal with a particular issue during the policy-making process.

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