SGV Associate Director Michael Ranz Luigi G. Tabar earns CAMP, CFCP, and CAIP certifications

In pursuit of continuous learning and professional growth, SGV Financial Services Organization (FSO) Financial Crime Risk Management (FinCrime) Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Associate Director Michael Ranz Luigi G. Tabar has obtained multiple certifications. Ranz is now a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Professional (CAMP), Anti-Financial Crime Professional (CFCP), and Certified Audit and Investigations Professional (CAIP). 



SGV FSO FinCrime – AML Associate Director Michael Ranz Luigi G. Tabar, CPA, CAMP, CFCP, CAIP


Ranz completed a series of courses and modules and passed the respective online examinations for CAMP, CFCP, and CAIP. He was certified by the Financial Crime Academy, an external online education provider for the global anti-financial crime community, in January 2024.


The CAMP certification enables professionals to enhance their organization’s AML capabilities and build up their career in financial crime prevention. 


The CFCP certification is intended for professionals in departments and functions such as compliance, anti-financial crime compliance, fraud investigation, fraud detection, internal controls, fraud risk management, and internal audit. 


The CAIP certification enables professionals to carry out an exhaustive investigation of a company or enterprise to find instances of misconduct by management, staff, or outside parties.


Ranz quotes Ashok Veda, saying that upgrading one’s skills is not an option but a necessity.


Congratulations, Ranz!

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