RAF presents at 8th PICPA Cebu Summit

Consulting Leader Rossana A. Fajardo (RAF) was among the speakers at the 8th Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Cebu Chapter Summit. She led the plenary session on Embracing the New Reality: Growth Mindset for Transformative Times and emphasized the importance of possessing the right mindset to lead teams, reimagine new opportunities, and thrive in uncertain times. 

image_1630565002.jpgRAF with PICPA Cebu officers at the summit

RAF shared, “transformative leaders are purpose-driven and bring out the best in themselves and in others” by fostering a culture of trust, belonging and teaming. She compared two types of mindsets: the fixed mindset where individuals are focused on proving and demonstrating their abilities; and the growth mindset where individuals leverage on their past growth and success to find ways to improve their abilities and skills. 

She then provided tips on how participants can lead with a growth mindset using if-then plans – the habit of setting specific actions and goals to effectively visualize success.

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