Luisa brings home the Owl! 

Luisa brings home the Owl! 

The Staff Anniversary program also recognized high-performing staff members who live our Purpose to the fullest.  

The SyCip Award, named after our Founder, was presented to Talent Director Luisa Anna Hebron for her dedicated leadership role as head of Talent Consultants who assist Market Groups and Service Lines in all aspects of people management. She was also commended for her valuable contributions to the SGV Crisis Management Team, successfully handling multiple disruptions that demanded immediate action.  

Special Awards were given to several teams and individuals for their outstanding contributions during FY20.  

The Special Awards for Client Leadership were given to Tax Senior Director Mary Grace Cabalida, Strategy and Transactions Director Erwin Daniel Garcia, Consulting Senior Director Aileen Uy, the B2B Leads to Cash Business Readiness Team, Consumer Health Business Integration Project Team, Green Finance Team, and Project Arrow and Project Wave Team.  

The Special Awards for Team Leadership were presented to Assurance Senior Director Marco Rene Barredo, Assurance Senior Associate Rochelle Cruzata, the Digital Audit Core Enablement Team, GCO Team, Global Cybersecurity Managed Services Executive Team, and Team Aloha.  

The Special Awards for Personal Leadership were awarded to Consulting Director Jerome Alvarez, Talent Supervising Associate Julia-Anne Deypalan, Consulting Director Meleusipo Fonollera, Financial Services Organization Senior Director Leslie Anne Huang, Assurance Director Marius Cesar Palacios, and Forensics Senior Director Zuzete Ubanan.  

The Special Award for Business Leadership was given to the Tax Core Team. 

Congratulations to our SyCip and Special awardees! 

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