LLL speaks at FEU Academic Integrity Day

SGV Tax Partner Hentje Leo L. Leaño (LLL) was one of the resource speakers during Far Eastern University’s (FEU) Academic Integrity Day Vodcast on 6 April 2022. More than 5,000 faculty and students attended the Vodcast via MS Teams and Facebook Live.



LLL talks about academic integrity


LLL provided professional service industry perspective on academic integrity and how practicing this value can aid in preparing students for work. He also emphasized the importance of selecting potential employers and career progression in organizations that value integrity. He was joined by other FEU representatives who shared their respective legal and academic insights.


The Academic Integrity Day was organized by the University's Academic Integrity Committee and the Center for Learning Enrichment and Research for Students, in partnership with the Office of Graduate Studies, and in collaboration with the University’s Departments, FEU Learning Journey, FEU Student Development, FEU Alumni Relations Office, General Education Department, and Digital Content Creation and Development Department.

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