LJM speaks at IIAP Inspire Series   

LJM speaks at IIAP Inspire Series   

SGV Chief Risk Officer, EY ASEAN Regional Risk Management Leader and Consulting Partner Leonardo J. Matignas Jr. (LJM) was a guest at the #AskAnInternalAuditor: Inspire Series of the Institute of Internal Auditors Philippines (IIAP) on 13 May. The series is part of the IIAP’s celebration of International Internal Audit Awareness Month and aims to provide a channel where members can ask IA-related questions to gain more insights about the profession.  

Having been a professional for 38 years, LJM inspired viewers with anecdotes of his experiences in various industries. He also shared tips on how to improve and develop internal audit skills and stay relevant. Emphasizing the values of passion and continuous learning, he encouraged viewers to seek opportunities to effectively hone their skills and competencies. 

LJM during the #AskAnInternalAuditor: Inspire Series 

 LJM advised IAs to develop strong and flexible relationships with their auditees. He proposed, “When developing recommendations, adopt an approach where you can share the glory with the auditees, like conducting facilitated sessions. This way, the auditees will own the process and take accountability for the process.”  

 He explained that IAs should maximize remote auditing to ensure that management controls are still working during the pandemic. As professionals who examine all facets of an organization, IAs can also support a company’s business continuity management (BCM) in making sure that the appropriate protocols and action plans are carried out smoothly and in a well-coordinated manner. 

 LJM ended the session by advising aspiring IAs to “Be patient in gaining experience. Being an internal auditor takes time. Do not run away from the profession prematurely, even if you do not feel comfortable, because you might be running away from the profession that is really suited for you.” 

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