GPS organizes Academe Resilience webinar 

GPS organizes Academe Resilience webinar 

SGV’s Government and Public Sector (GPS) team conducted a webinar titled Enterprise Resilience in the Academe Sector on 29 October. The webinar featured discussions on the trends and challenges in the sector and how it has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Aileen and CGL presenting at the GPS webinar 

Consulting Senior Director Aileen Uy presented the results of the GPS Academe Resilience Survey which assessed the current state of the Philippine academe sector from the perspectives of different stakeholders such as students, teachers, parents, and school administrators. She also explained the recent shift in academic infrastructure and operational support in the area of cybersecurity.  

Financial Services Consulting Partner and GPS Leader Christian G. Lauron (CGL) discussed key socioeconomic focus areas and the pandemic’s financial implications on educational institutions. He also spoke on student experience and continuity, emphasizing the value of a holistic remote learning framework that considers technology, operations and capability enablers to effectively support students and schools. He also shared the emerging trends and technologies that aim to enhance the student learning experience.  

AWO presenting at the GPS webinar 

Consulting Partner Allan W. Ocho (AWO) shared leading practices on how members of academe can reframe their future across three dimensions: now, next and beyond. He also demonstrated the EY Enterprise Resilience Tool and how it can help organizations evaluate their risks and capability to address the issues caused by the pandemic. He encouraged participants to revisit their organizations’ operating models and integrate transformative value drivers that can support business growth and resilience.  

The webinar is part of a series conducted by the SGV GPS team for and about the academe sector. The succeeding webinars will cover related topics on the university of the future and transformation realized. Those interested may contact Mary Catherine M. Biliran at

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