DDA participates in PhilWEN webinar

Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs and SGV Senior Adviser Ambassador Delia D. Albert (DDA) joined the Philippine Women's Economic Network (PhilWEN) Meet Our Boards Socials last 27 May. The event aimed to strengthen the relationships among the PhilWEN’s member organizations and board members. All six member organizations presented an overview of their respective organizations, including their membership profiles, and relevant projects and activities. 


 In her keynote speech, DDA spoke about the positive developments for women and discussed the local and international laws that support women’s rights and protection. She also discussed the crucial role Filipino women play in the community, emphasizing their contributions in different aspects of society – the household, government and foreign service.  

She then shared that the country’s rank in the World Economic Forum's Gender Gap Index dropped to 17th place in 2021 due to the decrease in the number of women in Congress and in the Cabinet. Since the survey was first released in 2006, the Philippines consistently ranked as one of the top ten countries in the Index. She then challenged participants to develop solutions that can further help the Philippines narrow the gender gap and regain its position in the Index. 

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