Consulting and Talent Teams host first She Inspires webinar

SGV’s Consulting and Talent Teams organized a webinar on Women Leaders: Rising Above Adversity last December. The session is part of the She Inspires webinar series where women leaders share their experiences as female professionals and the valuable lessons they have learned over the years. Consulting Leader Rossana A. Fajardo (RAF) delivered the welcome remarks and introduced the guest speaker, Globe Telecom Chief Customer Experience Officer and Head of the Office of Strategy Management Rebecca Eclipse.

Ms. Eclipse discussed her experiences as a mother, a CPA, and a senior executive, highlighting the challenges she faced and the lessons she learned throughout her life. She then shared tips on how women can overcome the challenges brought by the pandemic and emphasized the importance of faith in God.

The webinar concluded with an open forum where she addressed participant questions and shared insights on having a purposeful life and fulfilling career. The forum was moderated by RAF, Financial Services Organization Leader Vicky Salas and Consulting Partner Kaye Macaisa-Peña. 

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