Consulting PAS Associate Principal speaks at HR Summit

SGV Consulting People Advisory Services (PAS) Associate Principal Lisa Marie Escaler was a panelist at the 3rd Annual ASEAN HR Virtual Summit held last 22-23 April. The two-day virtual event gathered business leaders, global entrepreneurs and corporate executives to discuss industry trends and practices, challenges of in-house corporate HR, and expanding HR business partnership roles. The summit also highlighted the latest technologies that affect the work and lives of employees.

Lisa, along with two co-panelists, discussed the dynamic HR environment transformed by emerging technologies. They emphasized that the biggest problem with today’s digital employee experience is the inability to fully utilize technology due to insufficient adoption, training and engagement.

Lisa shared that “the rise in technological innovations have elevated expectations for all individuals. We know that employees want the same digital experience at work as they have in other aspects of their lives and they want to be able to seamlessly transition from one technology to the next. To ensure a consistent and satisfying user experience, employers will need to place humans@center as they consider which technologies to invest in, adopt and embed within their organizations.”

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