CCaSS team hosts quarterly WebCCaSS on circular economy

The Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) team hosted the second episode of the SGV SAVE Council's WebCCaSS for FY23 on 25 November 2022. The session, titled "Beyond Consumerism: Building a Circular Economy through Stewardship," aimed to educate SGVeans on what a circular economy is and how it can change the current linear economic model. The presenters also gave a brief overview of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Act of 2022 and discussed how it can address and help solve the country’s plastic pollution problem. 640 participants attended the session.



The CCaSS team talks about a circular economy


Business Consulting and CCaSS Partner Conrad Allan M. Alviz (CMA) kicked off the session with his opening remarks. CCaSS Associates Michelle Joan C. Ferrer and Dawn Louise G. Lim and CCaSS Manager Carla J. Capistrano discussed the current plastic problem, circular economy principles, the EPR Act of 2022, and local and global circular economy practices.



SGVeans answer how they could help contribute to a circular economy


To keep the participants engaged in the discussions, CCaSS Senior Associate Keith S. Celebre handled a series of interactive activities, asking the audience which circular practices they should choose in their daily-life scenarios and how they can establish a new habit in their daily lives to contribute to achieving a circular economy. The session concluded with a Declaration for Call-to-Action called “A Plan Towards A Responsible Action” that aims to lead individuals to take a step towards responsible waste management. 117 SGVeans expressed their commitment to this endeavor. Carla also thanked the organizers and participants and encouraged them to practice circular economy habits. 


The SAVE Council’s WebCCaSS initiative is a quarterly one-hour webcast that covers concepts, trends, regulations, and industry practices around sustainability and climate change.

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