CCaSS team hosts Sustainabits session on greening home offices

The Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) team hosted a Sustainabits session on “Greening our Home Office: Designing a better place for people and the planet,” which aimed to present ways on how SGVeans can improve their workspaces and increase productivity while working from home. 265 SGVeans attended the session on 31 March 2023. 



Katrina delivers her opening remarks


CCaSS Partner Katrina F. Francisco (KFF) opened the session by explaining that greening our workspace is not a daunting task as this could be done through simple changes that may even save money in the long run, increase efficiency, and maximize comfort. CCaSS Manager Reynaldo C. Azarcon, Senior Associate Joshua R. Ladia, and Associate Adryan J. Detanoy discussed the overview of a green space, the features of a green and sustainable home office, and the positive impact of living and working in a green and sustainable environment, respectively.


The speakers shared strategies on how SGVeans can improve their workspace while also incorporating sustainability. They also discussed the benefits of a green workspace and green home on cognition and productivity, saying that a green and sustainable workspace or “home office” is essential in maintaining our health and well-being at work while we care for the environment.


The Sustainable Actions for Value Creation and Enablement (SAVE) Council’s Sustainabits initiative is a series of half-hour webcasts covering ideas, movements, principles, and leading industry practices regarding sustainability, social equity, and climate change.

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