BNV joins CCC investment forum

SGV Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Partner Benjamin N. Villacorte (BNV) served as a panelist for Day 2 of the Climate Change Commission (CCC) 2021 Climate Investment Forum held on 23 November 2021. 



Climate Investment Forum 2021 poster


BNV discussed the global clamor for businesses to adopt a universal standard for sustainability reporting, and how EY has played a leading role in shaping businesses towards creating long-term value by prioritizing sustainability. He opened the presentation by tracing EY’s sustainability and decarbonization journey. In line with SGV’s commitment to building a better working world, BNV shared that EY has launched its long-term value framework and achieved its 2020 goal of carbon neutrality. 


BNV described how SGV implements various initiatives to support corporate sustainability through its Sustainable Actions for Value Creation and Enablement (SAVE) Council. He encouraged investors and companies to recognize the importance of sustainability reporting in enhancing their long-term value. He highlighted the role of investors and companies in ensuring that commitments are long-term, and that sustainability is accessible to consumers. 


BNV concluded his presentation by sharing SGV’s core service offerings to support clients’ sustainability journey. He and  the other panelists entertained questions from the audience. Moderators Dr. Marqueza L. Reyes and Dr. Ernesto M. Ordoñez concluded the forum. 

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